What type of payment methods do you accept for your carpet cleaning services?

Cash and checks are common forms of payment for cleaning jobs and both require careful monitoring and recording for tax purposes. Mobile deposit options make checks a little easier to handle than cash, but you still run the risk of checks bouncing or the deposit being delayed. So yes, I always recommend offering the option of paying by credit card. Many SFS members tell me that the American Express card is very popular with their customers, but that may depend on where you live.

What method do you use to clean carpets? We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Payment will be made at the time of service. We, at The Carpet Cleaning Company, use the most effective cleaning method to ensure the removal of dirt, odors, and allergens trapped in the carpet fibers, leaving you with a truly clean carpet. Rest assured that Stanley Steemer technicians can evaluate hardwood before cleaning it and perform pre-tests to ensure that the cleaning methods are safe for your floors.

Between cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery, your carpet cleaning technicians are constantly on the move. However, our deep cleaning service may not completely remove floors contaminated by the use of certain maintenance products. A decade ago, leaving a check for the cleaning lady was by far the most popular payment method for cleaning services. We clean carpets using the same patented hot water extraction method that we have been using to clean carpets for more than 70 years.

If these carpet cleaning payment processing options sound like great opportunities for your business, fill out the form below to request a consultation today. Beware of companies that offer low, flashy prices, as these services most likely won't provide the proper cleaning of the entire house needed to be effective. Although drying times may vary depending on the amount of cleaner used to clean the carpet and the type of fiber in the carpet, most carpets dry in 2 to 3 hours. When it comes to high-traffic areas in your company, the carpet protector is an added advantage because, instead of traffic wearing away the fibers of the carpet, the carpet protector wears out, extending its lifespan.