What is the best way to maintain my carpets after a carpet cleaning service?

How to maintain carpets after professional cleaning: Stay away from the carpet until it is dry. Don't worry, we'd love to answer any questions you have or provide you with more details on the topics we've already discussed. You can leave a message on our website and even on our phone if you call outside of business hours. However, many of our customers have very similar questions about what to do after the cleaning is finished.

So, let this post give you tips and advice on what to do next. Immediately after professionally cleaning the carpet, we use powerful fans to dry the fibers and prevent them from retaining moisture. However, even after we leave, the carpet is likely to be damp. It's important to remove as much of it as possible.

Any ceiling, box, stand, or other fan will help keep the air moving. This allows the air to carry away the moisture that evaporates. The most important tip after carpet cleaning is to stay away from the damp or wet carpet while it dries. Drying times for most professional cleaning services range from four to 24 hours or more.

However, some deep cleaning processes with low humidity, such as the Citrus Fresh carpet cleaning system, will take just two hours to completely dry. When you clean your carpet with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you'll only have to wait an hour or two before returning to your daily routine. Preferred Carpet Care has a proven carpet protection system that helps repel dirt and stains. Very dirty rugs, Berber rugs, basement rugs, those with a lot of embedded dog hair, 26% sometimes protected rugs can take a little longer.

Moving furniture before the carpet is completely dry can damage carpet fibers and transfer stains from furniture finishes. If you ask questions during the final tour, you'll be sure to know what to do after cleaning the carpet. Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning's low-moisture deep cleaning system significantly reduces the wait time so you can enjoy your carpet fresh and fresh first. If you haven't already, schedule your next carpet cleaning after your current one ends.

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers a safe, plant-based cleaning solution for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. After all, providing you with tracking information is nothing more than a part of the great service offered by Preferred Carpet Care; it doesn't end with cleaning. Please note that appropriate cleaning agents and products are used to clean in accordance with cleaning regulations and specifications. Regular vacuuming soon after professional cleaning also ensures that the carpet is raised rather than pressed upwards, thus maintaining its softness and fluffiness.

Once the technician has cleaned the carpet, follow these simple steps for the best results after cleaning the carpet.