Do you offer any upholstery cleaning services in addition to your carpet cleaning services?

These steps will ensure that your new. The key to successful sofa cleaning is hiring the right company that knows how to clean the sofa's material without damaging it. The best sofa cleaning service properly handles most (if not all) materials, has excellent customer service, and offers some warranty. We evaluated several of the best upholstery cleaning companies and found some quality companies to recommend them.

Read on to discover what we learned to help you make an informed decision regarding sofa cleaning. COIT uses a cleaning and conditioning product for leather that balances the pH, and even offers cleaning products for special fabrics such as velvet and jacquard. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed before any New York carpet cleaning solution is added to the process. In addition to upholstery, customers can also hire technicians certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) of the COIT for cleaning services for curtains, dryers, carpets, ducts and floors.

The cleaning company may send a technician to inspect the sofa and determine if you can safely clean it or not. The upholstery cleaning service should be easy to schedule, it should be able to properly clean various materials from the sofa, offer clear pricing, and offer additional services for greater convenience. Since carpets and most upholstery are made of synthetic materials, similar equipment is used to clean both areas. These basic services provide you with the help of experienced cleaning professionals who have the skills and training, as well as the right equipment and supplies, to keep your living areas fresh, clean, and beautiful.

Award-winning carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery, and an irrefutable guarantee. Once you've initially purchased your main equipment and transportation vehicle, your running expenses will go mainly to cleaning supplies you'll find from cleaning service providers. The same equipment used to clean carpets can also be used on upholstery and in cars, ships, and anywhere else where carpeted or cloth surfaces are found. So how can you clean your carpet at home? First, look at the label attached to the carpet to determine what it's made of and if cleaning instructions are included.

If it's safe to dry clean, the carpet label will say “Dry Clean Only” or some variation of that message.