What type of chemicals do you use for your carpet cleaning services?

Citafresh is a very popular cleaning agent for greasy and very dirty carpets that have accumulated a large amount of dirt over a period of time. This is probably the best cleaning agent for very dirty carpets. It offers an orange deodorant that leaves a fresh scent and your carpet is very clean. It can be used on all types of carpet fiber, it is safe and will not damage the carpet because it is also very soft.

You can use Citafresh on wool rugs, as well as on fine silk rugs with commercial components. You can also use Citafresh as a laundry detergent for a really pleasant scent. Most enzyme-based carpet cleaning products are activated by heat. This helps digest protein matter in waste and soil.

Standard applications for enzyme treatment include urine stains, odor, vomit, and pet feces. Many carpet cleaning companies use enzymes to eliminate odor and bacteria problems. You can also find carpet cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly. It's a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene, which isn't sticky and is slippery.

Teflon works as a carpet protector and repels any stains on the carpet. It creates an invisible barrier on the carpet fiber, protecting it from dirt and debris. Rugs with a Teflon coating are usually easier to clean. Most carpet cleaning companies can end the cleaning process with this.

Rug Smack Cleaner is one of the best chemicals for cleaning carpets with a hot water extractor. It is designed to quickly dissolve dirt and oils, leaving carpets clean and shiny. For best carpet cleaning results, you should include the correct carpet cleaning chemicals in your kit. Professional carpet cleaners face a variety of challenges when cleaning carpets; their customers demand great results at affordable prices.

We've compiled a list of our 5 essential carpet cleaning chemicals to help you select the right carpet cleaners and treatments for your professional carpet cleaning kit. We have chosen the 5 essential chemicals for carpet cleaning from the Prochem brand. Prochem manufactures a wide selection of chemicals for carpet cleaning, stain treatments and odor neutralizers. Its range also extends to protective treatments for carpets and upholstery to protect fibers from future stains and dirt accumulation.

Prochem also manufactures a range of carpet cleaning machines, an excellent choice for professional carpet cleaners who want an affordable, easy to use, high-quality machine for performing difficult carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs. Prochem Stain Pro is a highly effective anti-stain treatment, formulated to break down the protein molecules of common stains found on carpets and rugs, such as food, wine, tea and coffee stains, and vomit and blood stains. Prochem Fresh Breeze is an economical and powerful deodorant. It is suitable for use on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces to quickly neutralize any odor and refresh the carpet, fabric or surface with a pleasant scent.

It's a good idea to carry a pH meter with you so that you can check the pH level of the carpets before cleaning them. This product is considered a carpet cleaning solution for high-traffic areas thanks to its protection and long-acting effectiveness. Prochem Prespray Gold is a highly effective traffic lane cleaner that must be applied to heavily soiled areas of the carpet before an extraction cleaning. Extraction Plus can be used at high temperatures (some carpet cleaning chemicals become unstable when used in heat) to provide deeper and more thorough cleaning.

This powerful cleaning system uses hot water to loosen and remove dirt, grime and stains from carpets. So what does pH have to do with cleaning? Cleaning solutions aren't the only thing with a pH level. With an essential, lush citrus scent, Ultimate All Fiber Rinse will leave carpets smelling fresh and clean. This product is designed for use with hot water extraction systems and provides an extraordinary boost to your carpet cleaning operations.

Only use acidic and alkaline situations in specific circumstances, such as when cleaning carpets or metals. .