Do you offer any discounts for carpet cleaning services?

If it's safe to dry clean, the carpet label will say “Dry Clean Only” or some variation of that message. Professional deep cleaning keeps the colors of carpets alive and reduces dirt particles and allergens that are usually not removed with a normal vacuum. While steam carpet cleaning in New York is a great option for removing stains and odors, it can't be used on wool carpets. If you live in Manhattan, New York, you don't have to rely on carpet cleaning that includes harsh chemicals.

The best way to keep conventional wall-to-wall carpets made of conventional wall-to-wall wool and synthetic fiber from wall to wall is to steam clean them every year by a professional carpet cleaner with the right skill and knowledge. Clean the rugs and rugs in your home or office with a new and effective method of cleaning eco-friendly carpets in New York. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed before any New York carpet cleaning solution is added to the process. We offer a range of cleaning treatments suitable for each upholstered item, from dry cleaning (velvet objects) to cleaning with wet and deep shampoo, which will eliminate all dust mites, leaving the modular mattress or futon free of dust and with an excellent smell.

Once the appropriate carpet cleaning method is selected in New York for carpet fibers (synthetic versus natural, such as wool, cotton or silk), a secluded area of the carpet is analyzed to ensure that the carpet fibers do not react badly with cleaning solutions. We recommend that, at least once a year, the wall-to-wall carpet be subjected to a deep cleaning that only professionals can carry out with their specialized equipment. No matter how diligently New York or tri-state homeowners clean their carpets from wall to wall, it will eventually be necessary to hire a carpet cleaning professional in New York City or anywhere else in the tristate area.